A Better Way to Walk

First of all, my apologies for getting this started and abandoning it for a stretch.  Due to the insanity of my real job that will happen from time to time.  But I’ve realized that I really do enjoy having this as an outlet, and will try to do a better job of using it as my destresser.  On an unrelated note, if anyone out there is looking for a bright, passionate, 30 year old to do music stuff full-time, I know someone that might be interested…

Last week I began the really long task of selecting specific songs to be on my iPhone.  I have a larger iPod, but have found that when walking back and forth to work I would usually just listen to what was on my iPhone.  It was just more convenient.  Unfortunately, the selection was a bit unsavory, and wasn’t serving me well as a “Welcome to a new day” mix. (And we all know morning music sets the tone for your entire day.  In middle school I was awoken one morning by Toni Basil’s “Mickey.”  You can imagine what that day was like.)

So, after three nights of box checking and unchecking – today marked the first day to test out the new selection.  It was worth every second.

For those interested, this is what shuffle brought to me on the way to work today:

Quiet Houses – Fleet Foxes

People Like You – Weinland

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – The Beatles

Ballad of a Comeback Kid – The New Pornographers

Hello, Goodbye – The Beatles

California Dreamin‘ – The Mamas and The Papas

The Fitted Shirt – Spoon

I think maybe I was a little too excited about the music and must have walked super slowly this morning, because that is definitely about 3 songs more than I normally hear on the walk.  Whoops.

While there will be many, many entries on why certain artists and songs are important to me, consider this foreshadowing.  Because in my world, “making the iPhone cut,” is now the new standard of greatness.


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