Thing-A-Day Day 2 – Felt Work

One of the reasons I love crafting is because it reminds me of my childhood.  Growing up I was always crafting (or reading, but that’s a different blog).    I’m not ashamed to admit that sometimes I try to recreate the simplicity of earlier days by completing crafts geared towards the kiddos.

Today was more about recreating instead of creativity, as I found this adorable kit of felt pencil toppers.  I’m kind of addicted to owls right now (though according to the package these are birds not owls), so I had to buy it when I saw it.  And who doesn’t need a brush up on their stitching skills.

Here we go...

I missed the American Girls craze as a child, but now that they’ve branched out to things other than insanely expensive dolls I must say that I’m impressed.  Their kits are really well organized and come with very clear instructions.

Organized for your convenience.

Despite the lovely and carefully organized packets, I did mix up the pieces to make more colorful creations – so I wasn’t completely void of creativity for the evening.

And here’s the finished project…

Awww...they're cute!

So, a simple but surprisingly time consuming project today.  I’ve got to go prep a piece for tomorrow.  Exciting times!

Speaking of kids crafts, I have an incredible retro throwback to share with you later this month.  Get excited!


2 thoughts on “Thing-A-Day Day 2 – Felt Work

  1. Princesstefer says:

    Umm, yeah, sorry, I’m following your blog now lol which I came across through TAD. I’m not a creepy lurker/stalker, really. It was the music blogging that actually caught my interest. That’s a neat kit btw, totally something I’d be all over. 🙂

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