A Subconscious Song of the Day

Today I woke up with “Everybody Loves Jill” by Cowboy Mouth in my head.  Do you know the song?

I wonder why it was there when I got out of bed?  I honestly haven’t heard it in YEARS. Was I dreaming of a Jill?  Did everyone love her?  Hard to say.

I think I only really know one Jill – and maybe everyone does love her, though I feel like that would be hard to prove.  And for the record, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her in anything red.  Oh, the lies rock music tells us…

Update – I just realized that I watched an episode of Chuck right before bed, so maybe it’s his college girlfriend I was dreaming of.  Probably my jealousy that she was with Chuck and I was not/am not.  (Disclaimer – I realize that he is indeed fictitious, but dreams are fun.) (Additional note – Zachary Levi is very real…call me!)



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