Thing-A-Day #3 – Letters/Scarf

I went into this process thinking I would be able to fully complete a project each day.  But really, it’s more important for me to finish projects that I’ve been meaning to do around the house – many of which will take multiple days.  Paint’s got to dry after all.

So, tonight I prepared the first steps in creating the word MUSIC for my office wall.  I made BREW for my coffee themed kitchen in the fall and found paper dying to be used for another one.  Again with the owl thing.

Here’s what my first set looked like…

So today I started the new set.  Here’s a preview.  I’ll do full instructions when it is done.

3/5 cut out, 1/5 painted

I’m going to work on my scarf for a little bit before bed.  See you manana.


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