Thing-A-Day #6 – Dino!

I took advantage of having more time today to get a jump start on many projects that will be completed later this month.  I didn’t photograph those, as doing things like painting the insides of magazine holders is pretty dull.  But I did make this little dino –

Mr. Brontosaurus (Yep, I know that's incorrect these days - but I still pretend that Pluto is a planet as well.)

I also made an entry in my Day 1 project (this journal) of my letters from Day 3/5, which in itself became a bit of an art project.  In addition to the pictured paper samples, the entry includes step by step instructions and pictures.

I'm fairly certain I'll be delighted to have this journal when I'm old and gray.

And finally, I made some progress on my knitting.  After years of knitting with chunky yarns and size 11 needles, the going is slow with these size 6s, but maybe some day it will be an actual scarf.  Fingers crossed.

The waves continue

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2 thoughts on “Thing-A-Day #6 – Dino!

  1. Mom says:

    I am impressed by your journal! Looks like a lot of work but once you get “my age” you will love having it (yes, I am old and gray). Love you.

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