Thing-A-Day 7 – Felt Owl Mirror

Day #7 – 1/4 of the way there!  When gearing up for the Thing-A-Day challenge I visited my local craft store for provisions and stupidly went down every aisle looking for inspiration.  Never do that – it will only cost you money.

I did, however, find this little Owl Pocket Mirror kit:

Oh Darice. if that doesn't spell childhood crafting fun, what does?

It was meant to be a project that would take someone about 5 minutes to complete, as you are simply instructed to glue all the pieces together.  But as you can see, the felt had fake embroidery stitches printed on it.  And that just wouldn’t do.

So fake and awkward

So I went about covering up all the lines in coordinating floss colors, using the colors left over from the pencil toppers I made last week.  As an extra bonus, I was even able to add a new stitch to my skill set by learning the blanket stitch.  In all my years of embroidery projects it had strangely never come up before.  Through the power of technology, my Mom was able to teach me over iChat – Thanks, Mom!

I’m pretty happy with the final product.

The front


See my post on here.

I watched Nowhere Boy this weekend and have a reflection piece/review in the works.  Hopefully I can post that tomorrow.


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