Thing-A-Day #8 – Mini Calendar Part I

I almost bailed on my Thing-A-Day pledge today, because after a 12 hour work day the last thing in the world I felt was creative.  But I knew I would be disappointed if I didn’t finish this thing, so here I am.

Last month I downloaded an Owl calendar from My Owl Barn.  (I know, again with the owls…but I think that might be all for the owls after this project is over.)  At the time, I was pretty disappointed that they were only quarter sheets, and didn’t do anything with them.

Today I decided to mount the quarter sheets on cardstock and make it a cute little flip calendar.  I got half the months done tonight, and will continue the rest of the calendar later this week.  The dimensions of the matting paper are a little less than ideal, but I was attempting to use pre-cut paper I’ve had in my inventory for far too long.  This resulted in some less than perfect color choices as well, but overall I’m happy with the results.

And a closeup…

Favorite of today's batch

In other news, if things continue at this rate one of my Thing-A-Days might need to be to clean my living room.  Imagine if a tornado hit a craft store – that’s what my living room looks like at the moment.

See my entry at by clicking here.


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