Thing-A-Day #9 – Crafting with Kids

My “thing” for today was actually crafted by 10am this morning – and I almost posted it at that point.  But I mistakenly thought I would come home and be moved to create something more.  I only successfully made a mess.

This morning I spent some time crafting with kids from a local kindergarten class.  We made Valentine’s Day wreathes out of paper plates, crayons, and foam hearts.

Don’t judge too harshly –

If I was actually 5, think how impressive this would be...

Once I got home I was completely unable to concentrate on one project, and started many.  Hopefully they are completed and turned into something fancy by the end of the month.  My Mom also sent me an awesome Valentine’s package – including this cute puzzle:

It was surprisingly difficult, so I’ve decided to count it too.  Making up rules as I go along.

Perhaps I’ll try something a little more sophisticated tomorrow, but no promises.

View my thing-a-day entry here.


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