A Vision of the Future

Here is a fair warning – there will be many posts in the future about the brilliance that is Mr. Glen Hansard.  Honestly, he inspires me and moves me in a way that no other living musician does.  Sounds overstated – but is truly how I feel.

I really will write a gushing blog entry about him in the future, but for now just know that I adore him, and as my friend Alexis once said, “Glen Hansard is Love.”  (And for those that don’t know the name, he is that charming Irish lad that won the academy award for “Falling Slowly” from the movie Once, has fronted The Frames for 20 years, and was one of the stars of The Commitments – yep, that’s the guy.)

Anyhow, earlier this evening he tweeted out the following video.

And with that, I just saw my future.  I have no doubt that my future kiddo will also be singing Glen Hansard songs – though I’m personally hoping she starts with a less angsty one.  I mean, she’s still a child and all…



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