Thing-A-Day #10 – Finished Calendar

Today I pasted the remaining months from the calendar I was working on two days ago.

Ignore January - it's crooked and the month's over.

They are not as perfect as I would like them to be, and that’s partially due to the fact that my paper cutter is inexplicably on the fritz.  I don’t know if something that isn’t mechanical can go on the fritz, but it definitely isn’t functioning properly.

I also realized that I didn’t mention the previous time that I rounded all the corners.  I love rounded corners.  The corner rounder is the best thing I ever “borrowed*” from my Mom.

(*the kind of borrow you don’t ever intend to give back.  Thanks, Mom!)

To finish off the calendar I just punched holes in the corners, strung ribbon, and topped it off with a bow.

I’m much happier with the results than I expected to be.  A very simple but cute project.

See my original entry on thing-a-day here.


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