Thing-A-Day #11 – Valentine’s Prep

After a long and trying week, I look forward to a good craft binge this weekend.  I have to get working tomorrow out of the way first, and then it’s craft, sleep, craft, sleep for the rest of it.

I have big things in store for the weekend – but not much time tonight to kick those projects off.  Instead I put together this cute little birdie’s house – because as has been clearly established – kid’s crafts are awesome.

He got a Valentine in the mail!

Also, many folks over at Thing-A-Day have been producing little crocheted hearts.  While I’ve been knitting since childhood (the first thing I ever made was a blue “bedspread” for Barbie’s bed), I didn’t try my hand at crocheting until a year and a half ago.   And I really haven’t had a reason to try it since.

When I asked my Mom how to make them, she was able to find me this wonderful video.  Seriously, you can learn anything on YouTube.

My first attempt, well – it wasn’t great.

Wee bit lopsided

But I’m pretty happy with my second attempt.

Much smaller and more appropriate yarn choice

I would love to mass produce these this weekend to give to folks on Monday, but I might be busy making pieces of a cupid costume.  Yep, you read that right.

See my entry at here.


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