Thing-A-Day #12 – Hearts Everywhere!

There was not much time for crafting today, but I was able to give my amateur crocheting skill some extra practice.  Produced some more of those adorable little hearts, and plan on handing them out to people on Monday.

I traveled to my local fabric dispensary* this evening to secure provisions for tomorrow’s project.  While there I ran into my friend and fellow TADer Meagan.  She’s been spending the month constructing clothing for her Blythe dolls – and the hoodie she made today is pretty precious.  Check her journey out here.

Finally, a very happy birthday goes out to my dear Dad.  I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful father.  Missing celebrations always makes me regret being so far from home.

See my thing-a-day post here.


*Sign of a good friend: When I use pioneer talk, and they reference the general store, but do not take the very easy opportunity for a Kansas joke.  Thanks, dear!



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