Thing-A-Day #13 & 14 – Cupid Costume

Would you believe that I was working so hard on crafting that I was unable to post yesterday?  Mostly true.  But I might have also gone to a concert last night.  Stay tuned for that story.

You read the title right – as a joint effort my student Alex and I we undertook the construction of a cupid’s costume.  I must say, we did a bang up job.  I decided to make this a step by step instructional because googling “how to make a cupid’s costume,” currently produces underwhelming results.  Maybe this will help someone.

My contribution was to make the bow and arrows, and of course I felt like cupid needed a quiver to carry all the extra arrows.

To make the quiver:

First I found a giant container of Quaker Oats.  Then I covered it with cardstock so that William Penn wouldn’t be peaking through my fabric.  I attached the paper with my new best friend – spray adhesive.

All the fabric I used for the quiver was cut with my pinking rotary cutter, because I knew some of the edges would be showing and this would allow me to do so decoratively.

First attempt with spray adhesive. No go. Second attempt - hot glue.

Then I tucked in the ends with hot glue.

I then cut 2 one-inch strips of red fabric to go around the bottom and the top of the cylinder.  Before I attached it to the canister I looped the shoulder straps around these pieces.  They were simply made out of 2.5 inch strips of the same red fabric.

Oh, jumping ahead - but it's the best picture of the finished canister.

The quiver is attached to cupid by placing one strap of the shoulder and one around the waist and ties in a bow.

To make the arrows:

I’m probably most proud of the arrows.  I started with 3 5/16″ dowels, which I cut in half.  Unfortunately, I only had a utility knife to make my cuts.  With care and persistence it can be done.  Not recommended.

Safety Sam says, "BE CAREFUL!"

With my nifty new glue gun I attached six feathers to one end of each arrow.  Ends up I’m allergic, lesson learned.

Stupid feathers...

To cover up those horrendous ends I wound ribbon and glued into place.

I then traced around a cookie cutter and cut out six pairs of hearts in three different colors and glued a pair to the opposite ends of all the arrows.  And then used the blanket stitch and floss to stitch the heart’s edges together.

Pretty proud of these.

My least favorite part of the ensemble at this point is the bow.  I mistaken thought I would be able to find a toy bow – but apparently they don’t make that brand of fun anymore.  At least not around these parts.

So, with the consultation of a couple of art majors (thanks Katy and Laura!), I decided to cut a cupid bow out of balsa wood.  I strung it with white and silver yarn, and hung a trio of my little crocheted hearts from the end.

We need to use the costume again on Wednesday, so I’m going to paint the wood gold tomorrow in hopes that I like it more afterwards.

So – the adorableness that you’ve been waiting for – Alex bringing smiles to the masses dressed as cupid.  First, the quiver in action:

Not bad for making it up!

Major kudos to Alex for the rest of the ensemble, especially the no-sew tutu.  And the most adorable picture of all time.  Prepare yourself.

It's too perfect.

So, my longest crafting entry yet – but that’s representative of the ridiculous amount of time put into that precious cupid above.  Thanks to Alex for bringing so much joy to me and others today with her willingness to dress up as cupid.


3 thoughts on “Thing-A-Day #13 & 14 – Cupid Costume

  1. abbynormal says:

    Could my daughter be any cuter? Why yes . . . dressed as cupid. Thank you CA for your support of this sweet college girl. You Rock!

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