Thing-A-Day #15 & 16

Hey folks!  Been a bit lazy about the posting, but I promise that I’m still creating every day.

In my last post I expressed that I wasn’t completely happy with cupid’s bow.  Knowing it would be used again tonight I attempted to spruce it up yesterday by adding extremely glittery gold paint.  The paint dried in a very weird way and is kind of splotchy, but from far away it looks great!

Much better!

The cupid costume continues to be a hit – and I’m proud of that.  I hope that Alex can find another excuse to wear her tutu as soon as possible.  Too cute not to.

One of the coolest things about participating in Thing-A-Day is seeing all the creative efforts of the other TADers.  A couple days ago a fellow crafter named Valeria created a book to store her needles in.  See her post here.  Tonight I started to construct my own, but managed to only gather supplies and cut to size before my eyes got too heavy.  Here’s what I have so far:

All stuff I had at home!

I hope to be able to finish it tomorrow.  Until then…



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