Thing-A-Day #17-19 – Needle Book

So, I’ve decided it’s not much fun to post works in progress and wanted to have something more exciting to post – hence the delay.  Because I make everything far too difficult, it took several days to complete.  But it’s done and I think it’s adorable!

As you saw in a previous post, I cut two pieces of felt to be stitched together for the cover, and two pieces to serve as pages.  The page pieces I cut 1/4 inch smaller on all sides and cut them with my decorative rotary cutter.

After wasting way too much time stitching “needles” to go on the front cover and then abandoning the effort, I stitched the two pages to the inside cover by stitching down the middle.

I cut a piece of cardstock 1/2 inch smaller than the cover and tacked it in a couple of places on the outside of the piece above.  By centering the piece I was strengthening the cover and giving myself a guide to help make my blanket stitch as even as possible.

Then I placed the outside cover felt on top of that and stitched around the cover.  But before getting all the way around I strung a piece of string to the back and placed a button on the front.

Here’s the finished project:

Thanks again to fellow TADer Valeria who inspired this project and to my friend Claudia who had me over to her house for a day of crafting and movies.




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