Song of the Day – Thanks NPR!

I didn’t have to look hard for today’s song of the day, as I’m cheating by sharing with you the one that NPR sent.  For those that don’t know, you can sign up for an email list on NPR in which they email you a new song daily.  It’s a great way to explore new artists, or to hear songs before they’re released from artists that you love.  Some days I love the song, some days I listen to about 15 seconds of it before discarding, but I try to listen everyday.

Today’s caught me with the accompanying article.  It’s opening line reads “In the Pacific Northwest, for every three trees, there’s a bearded folk-rock singer with an acoustic guitar and the voice of an angel.”  As someone that currently resides in the Northwest, and someone that knows many artists that fit that description, I found this both humorous and fitting.

The artist being highlighted today is The Head and the Heart.  The song featured is “Winter Song,” which seemed especially appropriate after walking to work in a blizzard this morning.  Three different performers take the lead vocals on the three individual verses, and to be honest I don’t love the female’s voice.  But exploring their music more on YouTube makes believe they are worth looking into.  Click here for the original article and song on NPR.

And here is another song that I found on YouTube that I enjoyed.


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