Thing-A-Day #20 & 21

Sorry for my tardy posting.  My home internet proved too slow for posting this weekend.

On Sunday I simply painted a canvas frame I had laying around, added some owl ribbon (naturally) and the world “laugh” at the top.  I had a particular picture in mind of my fellow staff members in which we are all laughing, and I think it will be a cute addition to my office.

Thanks for making me buy this ribbon, Meagan!

Yesterday I went and picked up an Easter themed felt package.  Similar to the owl mirror I made earlier this month, I stitched where the make believe printed on stitches were.  Not as cute as the owl, but it will do.

Easter's my favorite.

About three years ago I decided it would be swell to have matching storage containers and magazine holders – and started the process of covering photo boxes at that time.  The effort was abandoned, as I was not perfectly happy with how the fabric was laying on the boxes.  Decided to pick back up the effort last night.  The nameplate still needs to be reattached:

So, I have been crafting.  Sorry for the delay.  Only a couple more days!


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