Thing-A-Day #25 & 26

Admittedly, I did not actually craft yesterday thanks to a massive headache and general feel crapiness.  But I definitely employed creativity throughout the day – writing reference letters for wonderful students and generally plotting to take over the world with one of my best friends.  Though, to be truthful – that is a creative endeavor that occurs most days.

I tried to kick it into overdrive today to make up for yesterday, but a giant nap resulted in that surge being tardy.  But here it is –

Two more magazine holders!  I’m happy to report that they are getting easier, but I altered one of my finger prints with a really severe hot glue gun burn today.  Don’t you worry, I’m alright.

The two new ones.

They are starting to come together to form a nice set.  I’m not sure how many I planned on making originally, as I keep finding more and more fabric – but I think just a couple more will suffice for now.  The set so far:

The one on the left might be my favorite. Can't decide.

Also, decided to extend my practice of my crocheting skills by moving on to the next holiday – St. Paddy’s!  My Mom found this pattern for me and this is the first one I produced.

Love everything Irish!

One thing I appreciate about my TAD experience is that it’s given me a opportunity to practice crocheting.  Still prefer knitting, but it’s definitely growing on me.  Pretty happy with my clover for a first attempt.  Unfortunately, all I have in the way of green yarn has a metallic thread running through it.  I’m hoping to secure some more shamrocky green this week to produce more.

I wanted to do some plastic canvas work, as I thought it would be fun to do something different – but I can’t for the life of me find a needle.  Might have to venture out tomorrow to buy one.

Only a couple of days left!


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