Thing-A-Day #27

Only one more day to go!  I truly can’t believe that it has gone so quickly, and that I’ve accomplished so few of the crafts from my original January brainstorm.  But I’m still happy with my progress, and look forward to continued crafting without the pressure of having to do it everyday.  First post February to-do will be to return my living room to an inhabitable form.  Right now it’s so full of scraps of fabric, yarn, glue, foil, and feathers that I’m a little concerned that all the crafting misfits will band together and attack me in my sleep.

Today was full of sleep, snow, watching old episodes of Chuck, the Academy Awards, and A LOT of crafting.  It also meant another trip to the craft store.  My $1.99 plastic canvas needles cost me $25 in other items.  I’m looking forward to avoiding that place for awhile after this.  I could feel the manager judging me today.

I know I have made a practice of taking photos with my phone lately, which is less than ideal most days but resulted in especially poor photos today.  My apologies.

First I perfected my little shamrocks, with a more Paddy worthy green.

Then I decided to make a set of coasters for my grandparents.  I only got one done, but started on the second.


Close up

My Grandpa is kind of a freak about coasters and watermelons make me think of my Grandma because her birthday is in the summer.  I hope they like them.  I wish the photos would have done the colors justice, as they are beautiful shades of pink and green.

I also cut the fabric for three more magazine holders, so will finish them tomorrow.  I think I might have messed up on my measurements for one piece, so that 3 might become a 2.

Apparently it was hazy in my living room.

Two of those patterns directly match photo boxes.  I wanted to have a couple tie in without it being too matchy matchy.

I’ve been drafting up an entry about music in film and hope to be able to finish it for you all tomorrow.  Be thinking about your favorite scores, because I’ll be seeking input.


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