Song of the Day – Believing is Art (Spoon)

Today’s walk to work delivered this gem…

Sometime back in Aught 3 (or maybe 2) I was traveling up to Manhattan, KS with my friend Matt – and he said, “Wait, you’ve got to hear to this.”  (For those taking notes, that is one of my favorite ways to start a conversation ever.)

And then he proceeded to introduce me to Spoon.  And tried hard to convince me they were from Austin, Texas (they are, but I was convinced they sounded British).  The first song he wanted me to listen to was The Fitted Shirt – and it’s my favorite to this day.  Though I’ve faithfully followed their career since, I will always prefer the album Girls Can Tell as it reminds me of my friend Matt and the goodtimes we had.

I remember sitting one night with him and attempting to count out the drum rhythm for Believing is Art.  It should be noted that despite our immense individual talents – neither of us are drummers.  But we are best friends with one, and the first time I ever saw Ryan play – he played Believing is Art.  Sold.  He hasn’t been able to get rid of me since.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day – Believing is Art (Spoon)

  1. Kinard says:

    Won’t soon forget seeing them with you and…. crap. The adorable redhead that I know you’re still close to! Her! 🙂 Such a blast. Thanks for your part in helping me learn about and love Brett & Co.!

    • The Crafty Audiophile says:

      Whoa, you threw me for a loop with that one – as I could not remember for the life of me going to the show with a red head. Luckily, I wrote a blog about it during the MySpace days, and after struggling to remember my password was able to confirm that we were with Bronwen – who is brunette and brilliantly shouted at Britt and became part of the stage banter. Oh memories.

      I sadly haven’t spoken to her in ages… 😦

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