Song of Yesterday – Jeremy Fisher

Yesterday I was typing away on a project at work, and passively listening to iTunes on shuffle in the background.  I was pretty engaged in what I was doing, and music (for once) was playing the part of supporting player.  Until the following song came on and totally made me stop what I was doing.

I was introduced to Jeremy Fisher by my good friend and former coworker, Dena.  It quickly became the soundtrack for the summer of 2009, and resulted in him coming to play for an event that we hosted that year.  It’s funny that his album Goodbye Blue Monday is so closely associated with that summer in my mind, as I would definitely consider Jolene a winter track.  (The snow in the video reinforces that a bit.)

I have tremendous admiration for Jeremy as an artist and a person.  He’s created hugely successful stop animation videos for many of his videos, as well as produced videos for many other artists. (Most notably this one, though I prefer this).

He’s also a person that lives his values, and incorporates them into his life as an artist – conducting several cross-country tours of his native Canada on bike.  This past July he toured the province of British Columbia with other BC-based artists Said the Whale, Hannah Georgas, and Aidan Knight.  Their collaboration was entitled The Malahat Revue, and their sets consisted of new arrangements of each artist’s songs.  I followed their adventure through twitter, and the blog of photojournalist Jonathan Taggart and wished every day that I could be along for the ride.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, he’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.

This was meant to be my simple, “this is the song of the day, and this is why” kind of entry.  But I adore Jeremy Fisher.  And you should too.


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