Tiny Desk Concert – Josh Ritter

I have a little green journal in which I scribble lists and thoughts that sooner or later become the entries that you read here.  One of these notes simply says “Tiny Desk Concert.” For those that have have not heard this term before, it is a series of concerts filmed in the NPR Music office, quite literally at the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.  The results are amazingly intimate and raw performances by some of my favorite artists.

I keep joking that I want to start my own series called the Tiny Couch Series, because I do in fact have a ridiculously small couch.  Sadly, my house does not have quite the draw as NPR – but I bet I could record a few amazingly talented friends there.  You wait, it will be a thing one of these days.

I believe it’s already been established that I love Josh Ritter, and today NPR gave me the best gift it could on a rainy morning when I’m feeling under the weather – the release of his Tiny Desk performance.  Not only did I enjoy the performance, but I love that he’s wearing one of those potato shaped Idaho pins.  I’m all about people that have home state pride.

I started to list other favorites – but it’s too cumbersome of task.  I suggest spending some time looking through the Tiny Desk Archives – I promise some of your favorites have played there too. Enjoy!

Disclaimer – I’m really not going to start the Tiny Couch Series, NPR.  Please do not sue.


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