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The first time I spent a significant amount of time in Nashville was probably 2006ish. I had driven through several times, and once stayed at a really sketch hotel that had a sign that said, “We NO LONGER rent rooms by the HOUR,” but that trip in 2006 was the first time I really had an opportunity to explore it. And as luck would have it, one of the first places I went into was Hatch Show Print.

If you haven’t heard of Hatch before, you have probably still seen their work. They got their start by printing posters for the circuses and other traveling shows, and they have been producing amazing works of art ever since. They produce wonderful posters for modern day artists as well, and for a music/Americana nerd like me – Hatch Show Print is like heaven.

It just so happens that upon my first visit they were just finishing an order for wedding invitations – two adorable kissing birds in their block print Hatchy style. I loved them, and decided if I were to get married, that’s the route I would go.

This popped in my head today when NPR Music tweeted out an article about a wedding invitation that turns into a record player that in turn plays a song especially written for the bride and groom. That’s awesome. I would probably still go Hatch, but it is nice to have badass options.

Visit Hatch Show Print here.

Read about the record playing invite here.

PS – I just watched an amazing video on the Hatch Show Print website and saw that someone proposed by having Hatch print a poster proposal. Pay attention suitors!

PPS – The current manager of Hatch Show Print is from Salina, Kansas, where I was born. Small world!


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