Make It Monday: Guitar Picks

New feature time!

I’ve received a lot of good feedback from my readers lately (which is always welcome and much appreciated). One piece of feedback was that folks miss the crafting entries. Or entries in general as of late.

So, I’ve decided that every Monday I will report on a project of creativity that I’ve been working on. Here we go…

I’ve decided I’m going to make my fortune making custom guitar picks. Probably not accurate, but I’m enjoying making them and hope one day to put them on my still empty Etsy store.

So, how does one make guitar picks – well, they buy a Pick Punch. I have been working on embedding images between two layers of picks and some simple picks out of repurposed gift cards.

These are rough examples, as the edges are yet to be sanded/beveled.

Prepared inserts without the plastic.

Embedded protypes.

Some fine folks donated these old gift cards. You can too! (I'll love you forever.)

Headed out of town tomorrow, but am hoping to get caught up on the blogging soon.


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