I Do, Part II

Last weekend I had the honor of attending the wedding of a former student. It was a fun and exciting experience in a small Idaho town. There is something about small town weddings that I love.

I never grew up planning the details of my wedding. Honestly, I just hope I am surrounded by everyone that I love and that my best friend is waiting at the end of the aisle. But, the one detail I have thought of (in addition to invites being from Hatch, as described two entries ago) is the music. You are shocked aren’t you?

Currently, the list of songs that WILL NOT be played at my wedding is longer than the ones that will. That list includes the Chicken Dance. But I know for sure this song will be played.

I want this to be the father/daughter dance. When I was little my dad taught me to dance to this song at the wedding reception of a family member. It always makes me think of him, and how lucky I am to have a father that was always willing to take the time to teach me things – from dancing, to building a fire, to how to go with the flow (something I still have to work on). This song reminds me of how lucky I am.


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