Song of the Day – Get Over It (OK Go)

Long before the treadmills, OK Go released a self-titled debut album that featured this song –

We were talking about OK Go at work today and memories of this song popped in my head. In 2003 I road tripped to Kansas City with some friends to see this “hip new band” (we were probably “too cool” to call it that, but same sentiment) play at a small bar called The Hurricane. On the way up to Kansas City one of my travel companions said “the lead singer of OK Go is so hot that I would chop off my right arm to sleep with him.”

The show was great, though I found their original keyboardist to be very creepy (he is no longer with the band), and the entire band even crawled into the audience to play a “love song” so that dancing couples could be featured on stage during it instead. Damian leaned against me during the whole song. The aforementioned travel companion was jealous and 21-year old fan girl me was in heaven.

After the show we went to meet the band – as any fan girl or hopeful musician would do (our group had both). My roommate, Matt, walked up to Damian Kulash and opened with, “I just need you to know that you are so hot I would chop off my right arm to sleep with you.” It was brilliant and we laughed about it for days. Hell, I’m still laughing. The originator did not find it as funny…

Let’s just put it out there, the best part of the video is the table tennis. I love it. But I love this more, which was produced around the same time. This was revolutionary back then in the pre-youtube days, but clearly it was a sign of greatness to come.

I’m pretty sure “catching the children” will always be funny.



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