Make It Monday – More Orbs

Well, it’s official. I don’t want to touch a hot glue gun again for a very long time. Since last Monday I took it upon myself to become some sort of decorative ball expert (some might call it obsessive instead…).  Here’s what I’ve made since.

I made a smaller version of the pomander I made last week. The pins I bought for the one last week were $4, which seemed excessive, but I found these yellow ones in the stuff I have at home. I knew I wanted to make daisies, so I had planned to just paint the ends of normal straight pins. So, I was excited for my find.

Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

Last week I also gave a teaser pic of a sprig of fall berries. That ended up being my worst idea. I initially used the wires that attached the berries to the sprig and just pushed those into the styrofoam. Then I pulled them all off because I hated seeing the white styrofoam peaking through. So I painted it green. And then placed them again. And then got about halfway before realizing that they needed to be glued. So I de-stemed all of them and glued for days. Take three.

The side I started on had all the little berries in a nice diagonal. But the other side is a complete mess. Definitely my least favorite. I promise it looks less like Gobstoppers in person.

The beginning of try #2.

The other side is not fit for public viewing.

Then I glued shell to one. It’s alright and lightens up the basket – but reminds me a little too much of my grandmother’s relative that glues tacky beads and jewels to things like kleenex box covers.

Good news, I’m fairly happy with the rest. My favorites are the two I did with wood medallions. I again painted the balls first, one green and one barn red.

The last one that I made was with pinto beans. I chose pinto beans because I like that they are not a solid color, though I wish the variety I had was a little dark. The honest truth is that this one is only half done. I wasn’t exaggerating earlier, I truly cannot handle anymore gluing.

Surprising heavy, and it's only half done.

And drumroll….

I’m fairly happy with the results. At least it adds some color to my shelf, though I’ll have to figure out a new spot for the now misplaced scotch tape tins.



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