Introducing – Radio City

I don’t really like missing out. Unfortunately, when you keep moving to places extraordinarily far from your love ones, you feel left out quite a bit. Can’t have both roots and wings, Sweet Home Alabama tells us. Who knew something so applicable to my life would come from a chick flick.

Tonight a couple of my worlds are colliding, as Jody – my best friend in all of the world (who I met while living in South Carolina) is currently at the show of my former roommate Matt and friend Ryan. They are in a band called Radio City, who happens to be on a tour stop in Springfield, Missouri tonight, where the Jodster currently lives. And being a good and supportive friend, her support extends past me and onto my friends so she is there. And she is loving it, which is good to hear.

Radio City – a band birthed in the small town of Emporia, Kansas, of which several of them are natives. Emporia also happens to be the town that I went to college in. This is about the 12th collaboration between Matt and Ryan, as they have been playing in bands together since high school. I have CDs of many of there previous works and would be happy to share them with the highest bidder. I’m resisting putting up the cover of their Java House CD…so classic.

They have also played in a lot of bands apart, but Ryan has told me on several occasions how proud he is of Radio City and how much he enjoys playing with them – believing it’s the best thing he’s ever done. Jody agrees (though she doesn’t really have much to go on…).

Don’t you worry, about 10 minutes after this was initially posted I had already written Ryan about changing the drivers on the highway. Seriously, it take 30 seconds to pull over. No one is in that big a hurry. Be safe out their folks. (I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know they call me Safety Sam at my real job.)


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