It’s Josh Ritter Week!

Well hello, folks. It’s been too long, and for that I am sorry. What better way to celebrate my return to the world of blogging than by a week long celebration of one of my favorite artists – Mr. Josh Ritter.

It just so happens, on this pre-planned first day of Josh Ritter Week that he is performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live – so I’m writing to you while making the very poor decision to stay up to watch it. My ex-lover, Sleep, and I aren’t getting along very well these days anyhow, so I don’t see it as much of a sacrifice – well, not for Josh at least.

In the coming days I will post about how I came to know Josh Ritter’s music, why it is so important to me, why it should be important to you too, and about his first novel that came out earlier this summer. But we’ll start simple tonight –

As a dedicated reader of Paste Magazine, I had long read about the talents of Ritter as a songwriter, but it wasn’t until one fateful drive to the “big city” to go to Target (true story) with Alexis over a labor day weekend that I first really heard his music. Alexis was on a Josh Ritter high, having seen him two months prior at a local festival, and she couldn’t comprehend why I was not yet a fan. And while she told me the entire story of “The Temptation of Adam”, she didn’t have a recording of it – so she instead played me this song…

And her devious plan of Ritter brain washing worked. I was sold…but I wouldn’t realize how sold until 2 months later…


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