In Other News: I’m (Still) Crafty

I spent the last little bit of the summer trying to squeeze as much crafting time in as possible. Luckily, I have a new partner in crime for this endeavor – Alex. Those that have been following along will not be surprised by this. It’s with Alex that I made the cupid costume last February.

Alex and I used to share craft inspirations that we found through stumbleupon, and then early this summer we found Pinterest. Goodness. What a black hole of inspiration. There will probably be many posting inspired by Pinterest in the future, but to start we made these bracelets.

The original image is from the blog “Honestly…WTF,” where they also provide a very simple tutorial on how to make your own. Please visit their page here.

I made mine from things I already had in my personal craft store (otherwise known as the guest room. Glad I haven’t had any guest lately, as there is not much room for them anymore), so mine are not an exact match. The only significant changes are that I just used jute instead of cording, and made a knot clasp instead of a bolt.


And here is my version. If you read the instructions better than I did, you will know that theirs wrap multiple times around the wrist. Mine only wrap once. So, lots of extra bulk with the knots, but that’s okay.

First one done.

Ends up it's super awkward to take a picture of a wrist, especially your own. Thanks for the prop and assist, girls!

Alex has one in orange. Yes, we are adorable. Let us know if you want in the club.

If you want to look me up on Pinterest, I can be found here or search Crafty Audiophile. More to come!


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