Happy Bob Dylan Day

It’s Bob Dylan Day. A holiday not known or celebrated by anyone but me, but I hope by sharing it you join me in celebration. To my knowledge, it’s not a date of any significance to Mr. Dylan’s life, or to anyone else for that matter.

But last year on this date I saw Bob Dylan perform live. It was a magical experience full of good company, a lot of laughter, magically appearing money, comped tickets, thousands of crazy Cougars (the Mellencamp variety), and let’s not forget Dylan himself. For me it was this amazing a-ha moment, when I suddenly understood the significance of what I was seeing. A living legend perform. A man I would argue is the greatest songwriter of all time. And clearly the foundation to nearly all the artists I love. For some reason I didn’t fully get it until then.

This is the only real proof that we were there. Clearly taken on a phone. But there is something kind of cool about him being all ghost like.

While everyone else heads to the first football game of the season, I am headed home to listen to Dylan on vinyl and read the this copy of Rolling Stone that I kept for the occasion.

And I’m going to love every minute of it.



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