The Genius of Cameron Crowe

Like all the cool kids, I’m spending my Friday night watching PBS. Tonight they are hosting the television premiere of Pearl Jam Twenty. I’ve wanted to watch this documentary ever since I heard that it was being made. Our college radio station hosted a preview screening that I was unable to attend, so I’m excited to be catching it now.

Here’s the trailer for those unfamilar with the project:

I’m not even an hour into it, and I’m captivated. As has been previously established, I missed a lot of the music of the early 90s because I was too busy trying to convince all my friends they should be listening to The Beatles instead, but I have an ever growing appreciation for Pearl Jam. I think living in the Northwest for 5 years probably has something to do with it, but I’ve also befriended a couple of rabid fans over the last decade. That stuff tends to rub off.

But what intrigued me most about the project was the involvement of Cameron Crowe. Many of you know him for his series of successful films – Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Say Anything, or Jerry Maguire. But I will always love him for bringing the world Almost Famous, an autobiographical account of his experience as a 15 year old writer for Rolling Stone, and one of my favorite movies of all time.

If a love of music brought you to this blog, or a love of me brought you to this blog, and you have not seen this movie – stop what you are doing, get to the store, and get the movie right now. Please. Unless you are joining me for the west coast screening of Pearl Jam Twenty. If so, in an hour and a half, go to the store, get Almost Famous, and enjoy!

PS – Did I mention Frances McDormand is in it? I love her.


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