Confession: I Like Starbucks Mixes

After years of successfully boycotting Starbucks, I succumb to the pressure and became a first time customer. I still don’t visit often, as I would still prefer to support local coffee shops and our local Starbucks locations involve driving – which I also try to avoid (whoa, does that sound granola enough for you…but it’s true).

Last March I was traveling with students and traveling with any large group seems to always involve a stop for coffee. It was during that visit that I picked up “Save It For A Rainy Day,” a compilation specifically designed to listen to on a rainy day. The compilation borrows it’s title from a Jayhawks song, who I love despite being from Minneapolis instead of Kansas.

Today I celebrated “Treat Yourself” day, an idea inspired by a recent episode of Parks & Recreation. For me this meant a failed attempt to upgrade to the new iPhone, some expensive nail polish that I bought purely for the name, and some new music. It also involved a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which meant a visit to Starbucks. There I found their newest compilation – “When Folk Meets Rock.”

Clearly, this is the perfect CD for me. Those that have been following along could have deciphered that this is my preferred genre. In fact, this blog might as well be called When Folk Meets Rock, though I’m still quite happy with The Crafty Audiophile.

So, despite it coming from Starbucks, I’m enjoying this CD and the mix of artists it represents. I also love the artwork and the frameable poster liner notes. You win this round, Starbucks. Well played.

Here’s the track listing for those that are interested:

  1. The Cave Singers – Seeds of Night
  2. Bob Dylan – She Belongs To Me
  3. DeVotchKa – You Love Me
  4. The Byrds – I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better
  5. M. Ward – Fool Says
  6. Love – A Message to Pretty
  7. Belle & Sebastian – Sleep the Clock Around
  8. The Beau Brummels – You Tell Me Why
  9. The Magnetic Fields – I Think I Need a New Heart
  10. Donovan – Celeste
  11. Nick Drake – Pink Moon
  12. Jeff Buckley- Last Goodbye
  13. Josh Ritter – Girl in the War
  14. José González – Down the Line
  15. Al Stewart – Nostradamus

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