Painting Mason Jars

Mason jars are all the rage these days and there are approximately a million tutorials popping up everyday on projects to do with them. I’m working on a big project with them, but am waiting for a some materials to arrive. Apparently my local craft shop is restocked by the Pony Express…actually, that would probably be faster.

I have long been fascinated by Mason jars. They remind me of my grandmother, planting the garden with her every spring, and jars of delicious sand plum jelly and sweet pickles. Yum.

I wanted to paint a set of jars for my kitchen window sill. While I’ve seen a lot of jars spray painted on the outside, I wanted to paint mine from the inside because I wanted to retain the glossiness of the glass. I learned a couple of things along the way. These take a lot of paint, actually the more paint you use, the better. I just poured acrylic paint into the bottom of the jar and pulled the paint upwards. My first coat I used a foam brush, but I found that the foam brush peeled the paint from the first coat when doing the second. I didn’t have problem once I changed to a bristle brush, but I still waited for a long time between coats, used ample paint, and painted very gently.

Here are the results:

I do not intend to put liquid in the jars, so I did not explore sealing the paint. I probably will later though, as I’m afraid that they will scratch.

Because I had some extra spray paint from another project, I also tried spray painting a jar. I’m not sure that I like it as much, but boy was it easier.

Lighting is horrible in my kitchen, but here’s my best attempt to show you what they look like in my kitchen window. The wooden ROOT is a required project from my middle school wood shop class. I don’t currently have anything growing in the tubes, but it looks awesome when I do.


One thought on “Painting Mason Jars

  1. Mom says:

    Very cute! I agree with you on the two ways you did it, I like the jars much better when you painted the inside. Keep creating!

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