Thing-A-Day #2 – Glass Necklaces

Anyone that followed along last year knows that this is the earliest in the evening I’ve ever posted a TAD. Don’t get used to it – most of them will come in around 11:45pm. I’m in between round 1 & round 2 of work today, so I was actually strategic and brought something with me to complete. I too am surprised that I had my act together that much this morning. Well…on that at least. I did spend 15 minutes looking for a wallet that was in my bag the whole time. Mornings are for the birds.

Anyhow, today I finished 5 necklaces. Prior to today I created the tiles out of paper, glass and diamond glaze and today I glued on bails and selected necklaces to go with them.

Getting supplies gathered

Finished necklaces

The one note about these is that I typically make sure the tiles are spotless before finishing, but I forgot that tool at home. So a little clean-up still needs to be done.

Close up!

I also created this bag while flying last month and hadn’t finished it. It’s a felt kit that is meant to be purse, but I’ve been using it to carry my external hard drive and various cords. And now it has a button to close!

Yep, probably the cute bag ever used for cords...

Yep, probably the cute bag ever used for cords...

Not rocket science on any of today’s projects, but progress all the same.



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