Thing-A-Day #3 – Painting & Legos

Well, I fulfilled my obligation to the TAD blog last night by posting a lackluster entry, but when it came to sharing on here it just sounded whiny.

The story in short is that I didn’t have much time for crafting as a late night was followed by a workout then crafting. I was working out with the Wii, and in the 50th minute of my program I accidentially canceled it out and had to do the whole thing again. As I already struggle a bit with the Friday night workout, this was very upsetting to me. I might be the first person ever to sob while playing a video game.

The exciting news from yesterday is that I received an order of Legos in the mail. I’ve had a wee bit of a Lego obsession as of late – but it has led to some fun moments, like watching one of my students experience Legos for the first time. I had my eye on a Lego calendar that you rebuild every month and had made a deal with myself that I could buy it after finishing my taxes. Apparently I like the juxtaposition of very adult things and very childish things.

Anyhow, I decided that building it was creativity enough given the night I was having. But I also painted a base coat on my weekend project. More about that later. Here’s the pics –

Oh cute!

Could a blank piece of wood be less exciting? Actually it was, before I painted it.



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