Thing-A-Day #4 – Barrettes

A day full of creation and inspiration for future projects. A friend and I went to a small town nearby to do some antiquing. I looked like it would be a day without purchases, but then I left the final store with my arms full. Here’s a pile of my purchases – foreshadowing of projects that will come later this month.

I’ve been looking for a suitcase to cover in fabric since seeing this one on Pinterest several months ago. It would be perfect for a merch case. So now I just need to discover a secret talent, start a band, book a tour, finish the suitcase, and hit the road. Easily done.

I’ve painted a couple of coats on the board featured yesterday, but I’ll wait until there is real news on that front to post again. I also made a delicious 5 bean soup. And somehow managed a giant nap as well. Successful day.

This evening I started making a pair of barrettes that have been special ordered by a very kind colleague. Here’s what they look like so far…

Chirp, chirp!

Well, I should probably head to bed – waking up in a couple short hours to see blog favorite Reed Turner perform on Austin’s KXAN at 8:40 their time. Living out west does me very few favors when it comes to time. If you are up at that time watch it with me live here, or read about it here tomorrow.



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