Thing-A-Day #5 – Works in Progress

All my projects were in various states of drying last night, and didn’t make for good photographs, so I opted to wait until today to post. I finished the barrettes from the previous day by adding diamond glaze to them. I also created a necklace made from a washer, paper and diamond glaze. They are pictured below.

And another view of the necklace:

Not as cute as I was hoping...

The final thing I was working on is the blue board that was featured in previous days. I wanted to use a crackle medium, and after buying the expensive $20 variety, I found that Martha Stewart has a new $5 version. The expensive version will have to go back to the store.

The internet will suggest that you can use Elmer’s Glue for a crackle effect, but after many trials I wasn’t very happy with the inconsistency of the method. Unfortunately, I made a bit of a mistake in this method as well, as I was so concerned with the linen color covering the dark blue that I over painted it, and it began to peel in the middle. Lesson learned. I’ll have to think of a way to fix it – but honestly for what I’m working on it might not matter. Take it from me though – don’t try to be too perfect, it will be counter-productive in the end.



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