Thing-A-Day #9 – Paper Beads

Today was the perfect day for a fairly mindless activity, and rolling paper beads fit the bill. I actually rolled very few, but cut and prepared hundreds, so they’ll be ready next time I’m watching TV.

Here are the papers I used –

A lot of online tutorials have you draw triangles out with rulers and then cut. That’s a ridiculous waste of time. Here’s my easy cheat.

I divide each 12 in piece of paper in half, because I know I want to make two sizes of beads from each pattern. Instead of a ruler I use the grid on my paper cutter. I make a mark at every inch.

Excuse the shadow.

I flip the paper over and make a mark at the 1/2 mark, and mark every inch from that mark, making the marks offset from the other side.

For the smaller beads I mark every 1/2 in on one side, and start the measurements on the other side by going in 1/4 in and then measuring 1/2 in from that mark.

Cutting from one mark to the mark on the other side creates perfect triangles.

So many beads to make!

One of the neat things about paper beads is that you never know quite what they will look like once they are rolled. So far my favorite is the striped one. It almost looks like a panda bear.

This is probably not the last you will see of these.




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