Thing-A-Day #11 – Shrinky Dink Earrings

It wasn’t my intention to make earrings tonight, but sometimes crafting takes you along it’s own path.

I started out trying to make a shrinky dink necklace with an owl on it and I learned several important lessons. The first being that simple is best when crafting with the magical shrinking plastic, and the second being that it doesn’t always shrink as much as it says it would. So the first attempt was a big giant fail.

Before shrinking –

Traced a drawing in my sketch book.

And after –

Too big and the colors ended up weird...can't win them all.

A little disappointed in the result I quickly traced a tree from a piece of scrapbook paper I had on a smaller circle of plastic. And I LOVED it! So I rushed to make another to turn them into earrings. Here’s the final product.

Tree hugger

All of the things I have made thus far will eventually make its way to my etsy store, but these…they’re staying with me.


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