Song of the Day – The Shape of Us (Ian Britt)

In lieu of lunch today, I thought I would share a quick song of the day. Last night’s episode of Parenthood concluded with this song. I have to commend the music director of that show, as they always feature amazing artists. A thanks goes to that person for this discovery.

I’m loving the song, but that video breaks my heart a little.


5 thoughts on “Song of the Day – The Shape of Us (Ian Britt)

  1. kathy says:

    I heard it on Parenthood and I’ve already bought the song from Amazon and listening to it. I’m hoping to find the lyrics as I have hearing loss which causes me to not be able to understand a lot of the words. I just fell in love with the melody and I think Ian’s voice is mezmerising.

  2. Ian Britt says:

    Hey Kathy! Here are the lyrics for you… so glad you like my song. Ian Britt x

    You’re no longer alone.
    We’ve found a space to name our own.
    There aint no need to fret or fuss.
    We’ve got all the strength we need in the shape of us.

    And I know you’ve had it tough.
    Your road’s been bumpy and rough.
    But say goodbye to a world that you once knew.
    I have every faith in me and you.

    Hold my hand.
    Hold my heart.
    Let go your fear.
    Darling I will always be here.

    I never felt quite so at home.
    Your sweet caress is the best I’ve known.
    Now that I’ve proved to you that I’m worthy of your trust.
    Let us build a world in the shape of us.

    • The Crafty Audiophile says:


      Thank you so much for your response. At the time of Kathy’s initial post I attempted to find them and was unable. I hope that the exposure on Parenthood has led to many great things. It truly is a wonderful song. Best of luck and thanks again.


    • Ema says:


      It is a beautiful song, I can’t stop listening to it!!! Amazing lyrics! And the video is so sad, but so great!! Thank you for this 🙂

      Ema from Slovakia

  3. lapenfold23 says:

    Reblogged this on LifeNLyrics and commented:
    I’ll start out by re-posting a song that I need to give credit to the crafty audiophile for, for being the only one on earth who knew it existed. I found this while looking for the lyrics and if you look in the comments section you’ll notice that Ian Britt himself posted the lyrics, and it seems to be the only place it exists on the internet! Anyway, love the voice, love the song.

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