Thing-A-Day #13 & 14

**Special note: This entry was written last night, but WordPress wasn’t allowing me to post pictures. Sorry for the tardiness.**

Holy slow internet, batman. Or perhaps it’s the fact that I dropped my computer last night. I don’t want to get further behind in my posting, so I’m attempting to endure the spinning color wheel of doom.

What must first be address is that my mom is the greatest. And she sends the absolute best holiday care packages. That’s not what makes her the greatest, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

My Valentine’s package included more jewelry making goodies, so I of course had to immediately use them. I went the simple route last night, and made these cabachon bobby pins. I’m keeping some of these for myself.


Tonight I was going for a zen craft, as despite my best effort to choose my attitude and be positive, the last couple of days were ROUGH. What’s more zen than rolling some paper beads? And how many beads can a person roll during one episode of Parenthood? Answer: 38

In my world vintage Smokey Bear ashtrays become bead holders.

I’ll attempt to bring you something a little more exciting tomorrow. Halfway there!


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