Thing-A-Day #16 – Magnetic Memo Board

Still having problems with my computer, which means another late post – hopefully I can figure it out this weekend.

I didn’t get home from work until 10:30 last night, but luckily I had a couple of easy crafts ready for just such an occasion. Last night I put the finishing touches on a memo board that I painted a couple of months back. This is an incredibly simple project.

First, I hit up the clearance aisle at the local craft store and found a scratched platter used for candle arrangements. I then went in search of a magnet in the store to make sure it was not made out of some kind of non-magnetic substances (like aluminum – thanks 5th grade environmental science field trip!). The magnets stuck, so the plate came home with me.

Initially, I had bold plans of some sort of antiquing method. But decided it wasn’t necessary and had spray paint at home. Here it is pre-spray paint.

Not pretty.

I searched for quite some time for a ribbon that I liked. When I did find one, I was bothered by the fact that one side was the negative of the print and far too off-white. I took it home with me over the holidays, knowing my Mom would have a solution – and this week’s care package came completed with two-sided ribbon. She had fused the ribbon together. Well done, Mom!

The should-be-simple bow became more complex by my perfectionist bent, but I finally produced a bow I could live with. I then hot glued the ribbon to the back.

Now I have a nifty memo board right by my door in which I can hang reminds. Here’s what it looks like:




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