A Little Facelift and Update

You might have noticed a change or two around here. After countless months of drawing various music listening owls and logos into my sketchbook, I was finally able to get assistance from a real designer, Miss Taylor Williams, in making new graphic identity pieces for the Crafty Audiophile. She’s an amazing talent and I was thrilled to work with her on this project. If you need a freelancer, you should probably hire her. Minimally you should check out her portfolio here.

Our inspiration came from this poster –

I love Nintendo almost as much as I love music and crafting.


The blog is in a transitional place right now, as I’m having difficulty finding a theme that works with our design. Or maybe more accurately I’m trying to talk myself out of the premium theme that I love. So expect some changes. Unfortunately, those changes will come slowly, as I’m still without a functioning computer at home.

In the meantime, you can entertain yourself by checking out our new facebook page, shopping for Mother’s Day/Graduation gifts at our etsy store, or digging through the things we love on Pinterest.

Coming soon to a blog near you – a review of our first craft show experience. And I finally saw Joe Pug live. It was even more magical than expected.

Thanks for your continued support and patience.


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