The Crafty Audiophile is Alive

Well hello, old friends. It’s been awhile. With the exception of one song post -over three years. In the fall I was using my mom’s phone and realized that she had my blog bookmarked. I remarked how nice that was to which she responded, “Yeah, I don’t know why I still have it bookmarked. I think she died or something.” My mom is getting sassy. So, to clear up any confusion or any rumors that my mom might be spreading, I am in fact still alive.

I’m returning to blogging because of the joy that it brought me in the past, and I’m currently on a mission to capture as much happiness as I can get my hands on. In fact, I’m even sitting here with a shirt on that says “Do what makes you happy,” so you know I’m serious.

I have a lot to say about the time we’ve spent apart. And due to some major life changes as of late, hope to have quite the journey to tell you about going forward. Unlike the past, I’m not going to restrict my posts to just music and crafting – though I promise there will be a fair amount of that for any Crafty Audiophile purest out there.

And with that, I’m starting a new chapter…


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