Featured Goods…& More Featured Goods

Well, that didn’t go as planned – because you know, life…but I’ll make it up to you.

On Friday I worked at The Dusted Attic in the West Bottoms district of Kansas City. I took the opportunity to refresh and enlarge my jewelry display. I hope that the increased footprint and having more products visible will increase sales, but we’ll see.

So for that day, how about a picture of about 40 pieces of jewelry?

Photo of jewelry booth

Sign now included!

The post for Saturday is not a particularly creative one, but it is my bestseller. In fact, I keep making the joke that I’m building my empire one pair of barrettes at a time. Unfortunately, it’s my lowest priced item – so it isn’t a large empire. YET.

picture of barrettes

One of 28 colors available.

“Sunday’s” post is another pair of my newest line of earrings, similar to the deer posted last week. Anyone that has seen my work knows that I have great product cards with the Crafty Audiophile wordmark and owl designed by the phenomenal Taylor Williams, but I thought a more colorful card was needed for these earrings so that they pop off the cards.

In addition to the passions I’ve already shared on here, I’m also quite obsessed with books – so library cards seemed like the appropriate cards for this series. And luckily, my dad still has an old typewriter…or 12. (For any younger readers out there there was once a time in which libraries were not computerized. Crazy right? These cards were used to keep track of the books loaned. Typewriters…oh forget it…I’m getting old…)

Fish earrings

Hey little fishies.

Next is a pendant I created by wood burning. It is not yet on a chain, but will be soon.

Wood necklace

Work in Progress

And finally – today is another pair of earrings for your viewing pleasure.

pennyfarthing earrings

Who doesn’t love a penny-farthing?

All items featured on the blog are available to purchase and will be available at The Dusted Attic in West Bottoms. If you are not in the Kansas City area and are interested in making a purchase, just send me a message. I ship!


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