Featured Goods – Chalk Paint Bangles

There is currently a party bus parked in front of my mother’s house for a reason I cannot fathom. It’s creating an interesting soundtrack to writing this blog – a mixture of a highly intoxicated woman trying to beat someone up and a remix of Baby Got Back that I just cannot get behind as a 90s music purist.

Earlier in the day, when this was the quiet neighborhood that is typically is, I decided to try my hand at chalk paint. Chalk paint is everywhere these days and I usually try to be more of a trendsetter than follower – but sometimes the draw is too strong. And it didn’t hurt that my mom had already purchased some that I could use. Thanks Mom (and sorry that my dog just ate your expensive cat food again…this visit might come to an abrupt end if my dog gets me kicked off the premises.)

I had big plans for having a wood burning marathon yesterday and then realized I had brought all wood burning items with me except the actual wood burner. What a failure. So why not try painting them. I made one first layer white, second layer blue and the second bangle reversed. Sadly, I didn’t put much thought into the fact that I would have to sand to expose the first layer. Of course I knew that was the case, I had just forgotten that sanding is one of my least favorite activities in the world.

So, here’s the rough draft.

picture of wooden bangles

I’ve done more sanding since the photo was taken and they are coming along. I’ll post a finished picture when I finish sanding and then apply the wax coat. And, if I ever get good enough, perhaps I’ll post a tutorial.

Until tomorrow…

This item is not yet available at The Dusted Attic. If you are interested in any items posted, please email craftyaudiophile@gmail.com. I will gladly post any of the items on my etsy store for purchase.


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