Twelve Days of Christmas Music – Days 1 & 2

Since first starting this blog I’ve wanted to do a feature on Christmas music and had envisioned it as a Twelve Days themed countdown. And then without fail I wouldn’t think of it until around December 21st of that year, far too many days after when I would have needed to start.

So I decided this year was the year. I’m self-employed and have a flexible schedule, all of my holiday travel will be local and simple (hopefully), and my computer works (this has been an obstacle on more occasions then you know). Perfect time to do it. So I’ve plotted. And I’ve planned. And then I got my dates mixed up and sat down to write a day too late.

I wish there was a sufficient combination of key strokes to capture the sound of exasperation that I just made when I got to the end of that sentence. But listen, I’ve come this far so we are doing it anyways. So welcome to the Crafty Audiophile’s…

12 Days of Christmas Banner

In the following days I will share my favorite all time Christmas songs. As one does this time of year the list leans heavily on nostalgia, so there might be some surprises along the way. There will certainly be songs that I forget about. There will be songs on here that wouldn’t appear on an definitive countdown list made by music media companies. There might even be songs on here that aren’t really that great musically. But I love them.

The songs are not in a ranked order, with the exception of the Twelfth Day when I will be posting my definitive favorite. There is only one and it will never change.

What you won’t see on this list – any song with “baby” in the title. “Santa Baby” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” are BY FAR my least favorite Christmas songs of all time. If songs were physical objects, I would throw rocks at those two. I can’t stand them. Take note, future suitors – you would be better off not calling me baby. I don’t take kindly to it.

Sorry to start with the negative, but I just needed you to know.

Now that I have the serendipity of needing to post two songs today (see what I did there – LEMONADE!), it seems to make sense to post the two songs on the least by Beatles post-Beatles. This should be surprising to no one, as I’ve often shared the importance The Beatles played in forming my early music identity.

HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) – John Lennon & Yoko Ono

I’m starting with a song that doesn’t mention trees or presents or pumpkin pie. It doesn’t use the imagery that we see in most Christmas songs, but for me it is beautiful. It’s also calls me into check, which I think we all need from time to time. What have I done this year to make the world a better place?

It also features a talented children’s choir, which anyone that knows my love for Dead Man’s Bones will know is a weakness of mine.


The only flaw in my Beatles double play is that these two songs could not be more different. But perhaps you need a pick-me-up after thinking about all the world’s problems with my last selection. The song was initially released in 1979, so as a child of the 80’s this song was ubiquitous in my early years. I’m not a huge fan of the late seventies, eighties synthpop sound, but can’t help but like it in this form.

This video is ridiculous.

See you for Day 3 tomorrow. Guaranteed to be a 90% quicker read than today’s!


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