Twelve Days of Christmas Music – Day 3

12 Days of Christmas Banner

Warning – today’s post will ooze with nostalgia.

My mother loves Christmas music. REALLY loves it. She used to listen to it as early as October some years. That had different effects on her children. I also love it. My brother recently scolded me when I returned his car that I had been borrowing and it was on a Christmas station. Sorry!

My mother also LOVES John Denver, may he rest in peace, so his Christmas album was always in heavy rotation. I have many memories of it playing from the corner mount cassette player in the kitchen as we frosted sugar cookies.

I love many of the songs on this album, like “Christmas Like a Lullaby,” but as a child my favorite was “The Marvelous Toy.” I had such a vision of what that toy would have looked like.

When I hear the song now it takes me back to a simpler time and great happiness, so I had to include it on the list.


For more information about The Crafty Audiophile’s Twelve Days of Christmas, please read yesterday’s post.


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