Twelve Days of Christmas Music – Day 7

12 Days of Christmas Banner

You might have noticed that the list has favored popular music’s take on the holidays through the years and has not featured the more traditional carols. That is not due to a lack of love for them. Sometimes I think that list would be harder to make – there are just so many.

That list also goes beyond what I find pleasant to hear. I loved singing while I was growing up. I sang everywhere – on the playground, while coloring, while playing with dolls, while sawing campfire logs (it makes the work lighter!). In middle school I gave up rec time and after school time to sing in a special choir because my involvement in orchestra kept me from taking choir as a class. So the carols that are my favorite tend to be the ones I most enjoyed to sing.

My all time favorite song from choir happens to be a Christmas classic and is today’s choice. And though I mentioned that my brother was not the fan of Christmas music that Mom and I are, this is his often stated favorite. Even he is powerless against it.


Bonus fun fact – I was even in a bell choir once. It was a horrible, scaring experience. So maybe “fun” fact was a bit inaccurate…


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